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Practice motorcycle theory exam

Study for your motorcycle theory exam with our products. The products on this page will help you learn and study for the motorcycle theory exam that you have to take at one of the CBR centres.

Practice motorcycle theory exam

If you already possess a Dutch drivers’ licence, for example a car licence, you can take practical motorcycle lessons while studying for your theory exam. However, if you don’t have a Dutch licence yet, you will be required to sit your theory test before starting your practical classes. Either way, a fair amount of study is required to prepare for your theory test. One of the ways to test whether you’re ready for it, is to practice with motorcycle exams. That’s right: by taking part in a lot of theory exam simulations, you get a good sense of your readiness for the real test.

Motorbike theory exams in Holland are done on a computer, allowing for videos and animations. If you’d like to practice for your motorcycle theory exam, our online theory simulations are the best solution. They get as close to ‘the real deal’ as possible, help you familiarise with the systems that are used at exam centres, and give instant feedback on your preparations by exposing your strong and weak points.

This is what you practice for

The motorcycle theory exam consists of 50 questions, of which you need to answer at least 44 correct in order to pass. Questions are not only about traffic rules, but also about vehicle control and cornering techniques. They may be yes/no questions, open questions or questions with multiple-choice answers.

The examining body for motorcycle exams in Holland is the Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR). With branches in most Dutch cities, you will be invited to the nearest CBR examination centre after soliciting your theory test. The confirmation you receive in the post, shows the date and time of your test. It is not mandatory to bring this confirmation slip to the exam centre, but it might save you some time when checking in for your theory test. It is, however, mandatory to bring your ID card or passport.

Only 55 % pass

Did you know that only 55 % of students pass their motorcycle theory test in the Netherlands? Those who do pass, often admit to having practiced their motorcycle theory exam with offline or online simulations. Since practice makes perfect, this is another good reason for you to follow their example and take maximum advantage of the practice exams that are available.

Sign up now for immediate access to our up-to-date library of theory tests. After your online payment, which is securely processed, you will be emailed a password that allows for 15 hours of practice. Your motorcycle theory exam simply can’t go wrong if you take your time to prepare, test your knowledge, improve your weaker points, and test again until you’re passing one test after the other. We wish you a lot of fun taking your motorbike to the Dutch countryside!
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